When God is Silent

John 11

Did you ever notice how loud our world is? People talking, radios blasting, cars honking. Sometimes, I just want QUIET!

…now what?

Ever notice how hard it is to sit still and be quiet before the Lord? How about when God is silent? It’s unsettling isn’t it? I often wonder why He isn’t speaking; why He doesn’t seem to be moving. What’s going on up there?!

And I’ve come to the conclusion…He’s about to do something great.

If you’ve heard the story of Lazarus you know that Lazarus was one of Jesus’ best friends. Lazarus’ sisters came to Jesus and said that their brother was ill. They wanted Jesus to heal him right away. The two women thought as many of us do, “Hurry up, God. Let’s go. Get a move on my request.” However, Jesus lingered. He actually said, “This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it.” But guess what happened? Lazarus died. But how could that be? Jesus said he wouldn’t die. It just doesn’t make sense.

See, Jesus never does things as we expect Him to. I mean He loves us too much. Would you want your spouse or loved one to always know what you were up to when you are trying to surprise them with how much you care? How much more so it must be with God!

Jesus goes to the tomb of Lazarus who had been inside for four days and He says, “Lazarus, come out!” and the man comes out still bound in his embalming clothes.

Sometimes God is silent because He needs to get our attention. He needs us to evaluate our lives. Have we been disobedient? Sometimes he just wants us to trust Him and draw nearer to Him. Whatever the case may be, there is purpose in the silence.

Remember after the Old Testament God is silent for 400 years! And what came next was the greatest gift the world has ever known-His Son, Jesus.

Don’t get discouraged in the silence, press into God that much more, wait upon Him, and praise Him for what He is about to do.


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