The Bigger They Are the Harder They Fall

Shakespeare ain’t got nothing on Samson (pardon my poor grammar by the way). Here is probably one the most tragic stories in the Bible, a story about love, deception, dishonor, shame, and the power of God to redeem the worst of situations.

The story begins here, in Judges 13-16.

When the angel of the Lord came to Samson’s mother, he told her that she would bare a son, even though she was barren. He also told her that this boy would be set apart to do God’s work and this work was to deliver the Israelites from the Philistines. Before he was born, God had a plan for Samson; it is the same for us.

The Israelites were probably whining and complaining, wondering where their salvation was.  They had no idea that in some town, to some woman, a little boy was being born. A little boy was being trained to be the man who would deliver them from the Philistines. They also had no idea that this young man was going to wander away from the faith just long enough to nearly ruin his life.

But no matter what, Samson could not ruin God’s plan. God made a promise to him. There was no way God was going back on it, no matter how awful, no matter how off track, no matter how senseless Samson behaved. From an early age, Samson defiled the rules placed on his life. He defiled himself by touching dead animals. He messed around with women outside his culture and religion and he caroused with prostitutes. The one who would prove fateful was Delilah.

Samson was strong when it came to fighting, but not when it came Delilah He gave in and told her the reason behind his great strength-his hair. She turned him over to the Philistines, the very enemies he was called to destroy. Blind and chained, Samson stood between two pillars of the temple. He could have thought, “This is it, a life wasted. I’m defeated.” But that is not what happened at all. With his final breath, he prayed out to the Lord for mercy and strength to complete that which was promised to him. God heard his cry. In Samson’s death, he defeated the Philistine army by bringing down the temple walls on top of everyone.

Don’t wait until the end of your life to claim God’s redeeming power. If you are caught up in sin, repent today, stop living in chains, and get started living the calling on your life; It’s God’s promise to you.


2 thoughts on “The Bigger They Are the Harder They Fall

  1. Josh B says:

    Jennifer, I have come to really enjoy reading your blog. Samson is an intriguing story. I wonder though, was Delilah really a selfless lover as the author portrays? Maybe she truly loved Samson as he did her. Maybe she gave into ‘greed’ to betray him. I wonder if she was any different to modern day Christians who give into their desires. 1,100 silver coins (or a small fortune) hardly seems a fair price to pay to betray someone you love. It’s a tragic story either way. And either way I love how you summarise… “Don’t wait until the end of your life to claim God’s redeeming power!” Very appropriate for the context. Great blogging!

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