Fear or Peace

There are fears that grip us and keep us from what God has for our lives. You know the kind of fear; it’s the kind that jolts you awake from the deepest of slumber. As I was thinking of this the other day, the thought occurred to me, “How much do you fear God?” I mean, I spend enough time fearing what may never be, but the fear of this world and the fear of God are two totally different things. I would almost venture to say that they are polar opposites. The fear of this world brings anxiety and turmoil, while the fear of the Lord brings peace, love, and understanding.

Proverbs 1:7 actually says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge…” and Proverbs 19:23 tells us that the fear of the Lord leads to life and rest and leaves one “untouched by trouble.” In today’s crazy world, there’s nothing I need more than wisdom, peace, and rest.

Growing up, I thought the fear of the Lord was fire and brimstone bursting from the sky. I tried to avoid the great lightning strike from heaven by trying to be perfect at all cost. Problem is, I was far from perfect and this mentality actually led me to give up on Christianity altogether. It seems silly, but many people have a very skewed idea of God. Thankfully, God brought me to my senses. As an adult, I discovered that the fear of the Lord was a really beautiful act of worship that added to our relationship. In reverence and awe, I “fear” the Lord. I fear Him because I know without a doubt that He is holy, righteous, and always has my best interest in mind. When God calls us to be holy like he is holy it is not a call to perfection. He knows that we are fallible. Instead, it is a journey to holiness, holiness that will be made complete in Him upon reaching our heavenly destination. As we walk with Him in reverence and awe, the fear of the Lord will inevitably bring peace to our lives and joy to our hearts.

If you don’t know the Lord already, I pray that you will know Him and the peace and joy only He can bring.


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