The Absence Greatness

I’ve been a Christian most of my life, but I still have so many questions. It’s usually the same ones too: What’s God’s plan for my life? What is Sovereign will vs. free will? What is my calling? Etc.

We look at Biblical men and women such as Noah, Moses, Esther, David and so on, and we question our own existence and purpose in light of theirs. We know that Noah was called to build an ark. Moses was called to to lead the Israelites out of slavery, and Esther was called to be queen in order to save God’s people from annihilation.

When I read these stories, I can’t help but wonder, What am I ‘called’ to do?

But if you think about it, they were all called in different stages of life, and most of them had to wait a long time before God’s purpose was revealed. Noah was called to build the ark when he was over 500 years old. David, anointed as a young boy, wasn’t seated on the throne until much later. Israel had to endure 500 years of God’s silence before the coming of the Messiah.

It makes me wonder, What in the world did they do in the meantime?

This is where their seemingly extraordinary lives becomes much more commonplace, and relatable. They had to do what we all have to do–Get up. Go to work or school. Clean up the house. Make lunch. Go to bed.

We often see Biblical heroes on a highlight reel. We see an ark being built. Dreams being interpreted. And seas being parted. It’s easy to get caught up in such Grand Miracles. We forget that these fantastic highlights are a result of God’s magnificent power on display.

We want our own lives to mirror such displays of greatness, but more often that not, it just doesn’t, at least not of that magnitude. No matter what, we can’t allow discouragement to set in when our lives don’t look how we imagine them to be. We have to remember that Joseph was thrown into jail and forgotten before he became a great leader. Daniel was a prisoner of war. David was chased by Saul for years before his reign began.  The years we don’t see must have been spent praying, seeking God, learning to listen, and a lot of waiting; otherwise, they would have never been qualified for the position to which they were called.

We are all called, yet, the nuances of that calling will look different for each individual according to God’s ultimate plan and purpose for all of humanity. Some may be called when they are young. Others may not be called until their Golden Years. As Paul writes, we are all required to “walk worthy of the calling with which you were called.” Despite the times when life seems ordinary or mundane, we must continue trusting in the greatness of a mighty God.

Let’s be honest, not everyday willbe a Grand Miracle, but with the right attitude, every day can be grand, and with the right perspective, we will see miracles in every situation.


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